I was searching a religion or a belief to join but I didn't find any.

I am o.k that after 20 years come to know there is no one that please GOD.

I find anger, hate and killing in all the religions that came out of Abraham. 

When I were in USA and was tought by GOD's heaven the whole story of Abraham's people did some churches tried to make a gathering place between Muslims, Jewish and Christians but it have failed to be together and share each other's believe... it is too much hate between them.

Hate doesn't belong to GOD.

GOD is not money.

GOD doesn't look at life in a small narrow pipe, GOD look at the whole situation and the whole world at once.

GOD know us and he know from when we are placed here on earth until we return to HIM.

HE know us.

Chapter 1 My first years

My teen years

23-26 my first child 

Hard labor of kids

They came from the space