It have been a development in my life in my walk under GOD's KINGDOM. I had not much knowledge when I start my walk in year 2000 but now will I tell you my walk.

I come back to Sweden in May 2004 and I had lost much of my memory how it was to live in Sweden because I needed to focus on USA to survive.

I become sicker and sicker when I at last came came back to my own country. Before I hold my brain up because I only needed to survive but back I let it go. Not that I wanted it but that how my brain react when it didn't needed to be in defends and shape to not be killed.

I lived the first 2 and half years in homeless-shelters and domestic violance against women but in the shelter was it harder than out on the street because I was the only white woman and I always heard how white people had slaves. I had to take all the punishment what white people had done to black people, I was hated of many but I hold my peace to not wake up the devil.

Many was mental sick, low educated and on drugs not understanding that I maybe not were from USA.

The post is not in timeline but I try to put them in year.

I started more and more be sick in Psoriasis. It started in USA in my hair in 2001 and then in to my knees. There was no help in USA and I am thankful I come back to Sweden or else had I died in USA.

This my story how I got real help in Sweden. I had asked for the medicine in 9 years but I only got painkiller that I know today made it worse in the pain as the psoriasis got aggresive of the painkiller.

I was in the hospital 2014 for the to take care of my bad Psoriasis who am not only in the skin but also inside my joints.

The first day at the hospital came a young woman to me that I didn't knew but she said she should die because her Psoriasis ate up her organs.

Immidetly lay I my hands on her and they told me after they who had seen me how I was total away with my body and they was frighten that I should die but that is how the healing power look when I do it because the healing power is from the inside of me that GOD gave me when I was a baby of 2-3 years old and was dead. The healing power is still in my body and I have could heal many people in this 20 years walking under GOD.

A nurse came to me and was angy and said it was not allowed to give healing inside the hospital area. The nurse told the Doctors what had happen but when they realized that this young woman was healed the Doctors came to me and told me that I should get the expensive medicine I still take every third months and I did knew that medicine but in 9 years had the Doctor denided me it but when I healed that woman I also get a healing by be allowed the medicine.

If I had not got the medicine had I been dead today. My body react on the medicine so I don't have any sign of Psoriasis on my skin.

When I was in the Minister-class did our teacher said " you have heard about satan but now be a Minister you will have him on your back " and just did I get my Psoriasis on my back.

I waked up every morning with blood all over my bed. I had so much pain that I waked up in the night hearing myself screaming. After this is amy pain nothing and the Doctors and nurses doesn't understand my pain when I was driving over by a car this summer and broke my shoulder in 3 places and got a piece lose in my knee. I felt so lonely this last half of the year when I had to take care of the pain without any medicine help but thank GOD I am almost out from pain now.

More will come as soon I see them 

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