I was born in 1952 and I know now that what is called GOD's Kingdom have made me live in the way I have lived without I could do anything about it.

My educations and life-experiences are done for the future even if I am an old woman now is there so much for me in the future.

I know they made me to buy me a computer in 1978 and when I bought it, they visit my home. It was Aliens who came first and much later GOD.

I started with Internet 1994 and when I did it they abducted me and made me be interested of and made me  join the airforce and became sergeant and groupleader, writing maps and communicate in HAM-radio.

The Throne


I have been sleeping in 16 hours and in the end did I had a kind of nightmare or a scaring picture of peoples future, people that was in clinics that those doctors, professors,nurses harmed. I have had it before the same dream but before I didn´t understood my dream....the same dream

I know now what it tells me and what God give me for a message.

It is all those preachers, church-holder that have study all the books men have written and not only the Bible. Jan said he had read the Bible twice from the first page to the last and that is men God doesn´t like and not Jesus either as they looking more into the book than lift up their head to see what God is doing today around us and for us.

Jesus didn´t liked to be in the temple and with the scribes and pharisess because the hold to hard on the law and their rules that was written up to them so Jesus couldn´t tell them what God told him for them because it didn´t fit in to their knowledge from the books of old. If you study the script those Jews had as a law and rules can you see it was not impossible to have any new coming in and to move around in your thoughts, they was like in prison but the jews of today have taken away many of those rules but still is it hard to follow exactly what the torah saying.

This what was my dream told me that people suffering under those scribes = preachers and churchholder that only give themself money when people in the church have hard to pay their bills and then should these poor people follow the churchleader in all his error and in the end if they not die in this life will not get an everlasting life but instead die......

Those churchleader are KILLER as they teach people in to death.

I can´t say when I had this dream the first time because it was before God come down to me.

Now GOD tell me something.....that He tried to make me believe in Him in my whole life and that´s why He was sending me visions and dreams before I was what the church say we are saved but GOD had a plan for me the whole time but if I had accepted HIM in what I saw and got from Him had I been saved earlier and could do more work but I have been stubborned like all humans and I never really reflected why I got those dreams and visions and why He took me out and showed me the new Jerusalem before I was saved.

And like He did with people in the the old testament when He was only talking and people had hard to accept it was God that was speaking did He had to step down and talked to Jesus like GOD did with me because I was like the stubborned people in the old testament. The dreams and visions was not enough for me to understand it was a GOD.

He had to come closer to me to get me so GOD the same Father to Jesus and the GOD for Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

But still even if He was talking to me didn´t I understood it was GOD...

He had to do a miracle for me to understand so He did it to my daughter and when the miracle happen it was then I understood that it was GOD that had been to my home and talked.

Summary :

I didn´t accept GOD when he send me dream and visions and took me out in the spirit to show me the new Jerusalem.

I didn´t accept HIM when He come down and talked to me

I did accept HIM when I saw the miracle GOD did for me

But not the miracle itself, I had already been visit by God but I need also an action from Him to accept GOD.

God had heard me talking to those all jesus-as-god-believer that was to me and I told them this all the time ....." I respect your believe but I can´t believe in what you are telling me. If there is a GOD must He show me something that I can never doubt that it is HE "


Written by me in 8 January 2012