Since 1978 have I been visited by unknown beings. I have seen shadows but most have I felt them when I have trying to sleep.

When trying to sleep and just in that moment when we should start to sleep is where they want to reach us most of all as we are most receptive but I have also experienced when I wake up between sleep and be awake as I am most relaxed and not thinking about my day yet.

On my Facebook page have I done notices of what happen in 12 years and when it show up in memories will I place my stories here.


Why I travel to Israel this time are that I have not found out about the visitation I got for some years ago.

I waked up and saw a big like a bird in my room on the floor down at my feet.

She had long big wings and she hold them in front of her as in the picture.....not behind her or on the sides.

She turn to me so I could see what was inside the wings and I saw like a woman face in the chest of the bird inside many feathers and in the fire that was around the bird-like being.

I think it was about what is going on today. I think it ios about Assyria and ISIS as it could been showed for me the goddess ISIS

I think the head was in her chest and covered of the wing to protect herself as the human body is weak and need to be protected.

She had not a head on her shoulder, only inside the chest.

I know in my research that there was once this kind of bird before Jesus was born and I know somw flags had it in the past but no one want to have it on their flag as it is a symbol for an evil past.

This kind of bird as it is appreciated with evil and death but I am not sure it is today and I can find it out in the old city area in Jerusalem.
I think it was ISIS who was visiting before and told me : "seek who I am"

I have not forget it and am still seek her but I am almost sure it is her.

Written January 2016