The name of the most high

Anti-christ, who is it ?

The devil is real, we need to know our enemies

I have LIVE-broadcasting on my Facebook and save them on my Youtube channel and then save my videos here. I have no one that help me. Everything in my life do I need to do on my own so the videos is not professional made, not created in a studio but got the help from GOD.

Called to visit Israel, 3 times

Part 1 about how heaven look like 

Called by GOD to visit the Mormon church and Salt Lake City.

Part 2 Heaven, 3 men in a cloud and Jesus throne 

What is the color of Jesus Christ ? Guest is Jesus.

The digital view change fast but I try to keep up with it even if I am on my way to be old but it is important to help the world to know GOD, the true GOD and not man-made Gods there is.

Jesus had a FATHER and that is GOD. Jesus can't be father to himself.

GOD and his Kingdom have teached me to could tell the truth what is around us and what is the meaning of life.

No man have ever helped me and I am thankful for to be free and only do what GOD tell me to do.

If I had got support of any man or church, have I never been free.

All the work I have done in 20 years have been not paid of man. I have paid everything on my own.

I don't feel guilty that I have not giving money in the hand of people because the work I do for GOD and the world have much more value for the world.

My reward is when I see that I have made people understand who am GOD.

There is one LORD and another Lord.

There is one GOD and one messanger for each generation and in the last generation am I the messanger and I hear from GOD and the Holy Spirit.

Sent to churches to learn and to test churches and religions.